Gerd Bucerius Law School

Application Guidelines Participants of the Bucerius Summer School on Global Governance will be particularly successful young managers, politicians, journalists, academics and NGO representatives between the age of 28 and 35 who have already acquired some professional experience and show particular promise in their respective fields of endeavor.

Upon completion of the Bucerius Summer Program in Legal Technology and Operations you will understand why legal technology matters. Within the vibrant conversation between lawyers and technologists, the program will enable you to distinguish relevant information from hype.

Once the Second World War was over, the university was reopened in the winter of 1945 with 17,800 employees. Out of the 2,872 students who were enrolled at the University of Hamburg in the first postwar semester of 1945/46, 601 had been admitted at the Philosophical, 952 at the Medical and 812 to the Faculty of Law and Political Science.

Jan F. Kallmorgen is BGA’s founder & CEO combining a background in investment banking, diplomacy and public affairs. He was educated at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and worked at Goldman Sachs, the European Group for Investor Protection and the German Council on Foreign Relations before he started the international.

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The Conference is graciously hosted by the University of Vienna, Faculty of Law. Please click the button below to register with the University of Vienna.

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Bucerius Law School was founded in 2000 by one of Germany’s largest foundations, ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius following the model of law schools in the United States, and bearing the name of Gerd Bucerius, a noted German judge, attorney, journalist, politician and founding publisher of Germany’s leading weekly newspaper, Die Zeit.

4 How Legal Technology Will Change the Business of Law worst, they may go out of business entirely, replaced by the very vendors supplying legal-tech products and services.

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Luther is one of the top addresses among German commercial law firms. From our 10 German offices and 6 international offices, our lawyers and tax advisors advise their clients both in legal disputes and in organizational issues.

Boston Consulting Group • Bucerius Law School 3 Legal departments today face multiple daunting challenges. The volume of legal work needing completion has ballooned.